We love to read and are open to requests for reviews. We have large TBR lists so we can not guarantee that the books will be read immediately. We will always give our honest opinion and we will not post reviews for books that we rate below 3 Groupie Stars.

We are open to most Genres but we love romance, erotic romance, adult fiction, contemporary fiction, new adult, young adult, m/m, m/f/m and even some paranormal.

For ARCS we will always give our honest opinions and thoughts on those books.  We do not charge for reviews. The ARC’s we receive are never shared with the public.  When posting our ARC reviews we will note that it is an ARC. All other books that are reviewed are personally purchased by each of us.


If you would like for Author Groupies to read, review and help promote your books, either fill out this form:


or please contact us at with the following information:
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