Monday, October 7, 2013

A little bit about Us

Hi Im Nicole, one half of Author Groupies! Im on the right and on the left is Rebecca, the other half of Author Groupies.

I work part-time as an insurance agent and go to school full time for Accounting. I have a 3 year old daughter Olivia. 

I have read all for most of my life but really became an avid reader in July of 2012. The books that got me hooked were the 50 shades of Grey series. The next series I read was the Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover, and they really hit close to home. In June of 2012, my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer, the same kind that Lake's mom had in the series. So I immediately felt connected to the series. I love reading, finding new authors, and connecting with fictional characters. Rebecca and I met each other through a mutual friend and our love of books has lead us to become best friends. We usually enjoy the same books and have very similar personalities and sense of humors. Sometimes we even say the same things and it is very creepy! We have just finally decided to start a book blog after a lot of debating. We are going to take it slow and just want to share our love for books with other readers!

Rebecca: Now for my life story..Just Kidding!!  Helloo there Kellan Kyle, Christian Grey, Colton Calloway, Gavin Blake, and the rest of the hot fictional boyfriend/husband lovers, and YES, I am talking to YOU!!  Didn't Nicole put a fabulous pic of us on here?!  Not to gloat or anything but DAMN!  Hehehe..ok now back to books! My love for books started before I could read, my mom always read to me whenever she could and that seeded a great love of books into me.  I have read every genre but would have to say that Paranormal, New Adult, YA, Erotica(hmm), and Romance are my favs.  I mean, who doesn't like a hot sex scene coupled with drama, death, destruction?!  HELLO!!  Some of my favorites series are Hunger Games, Divergent Series(Veronica Roth), Hart Series (Ella Fox), Mitchell Series(Jennifer Foor), Game of Thrones(MUST READ), FaeFever(Karen Marie Moning), Black Dagger Brotherhood(J.R. Ward), Sinner on Tour(Oliva Cunning), Sea Breeze(Abbi Glines), Love Me with Lies(Tarryn Fisher), Dark Duet(CJ Roberts), Chocolate Lovers Series, though I may like Gavin's story even better people, Tara Sivec, Gavin's story is the best one yet!!!  I should probably stop while I'm ahead!  Anyway...I read A LOT, if you can't tell.  I am always looking for book suggestions and trying to finish a book before Nicole does so she can't ruin it for me with hints that she will send me via Facebook Messenger throughout the day!

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