Friday, April 18, 2014

Review for Cursed Hearts by Light & Lowell

Cursed Hearts, A Crossroads Novel – the first book in what will no doubt prove to be an epic series. It’s a witty, supernatural page-turner that will keep you guessing. And the read is much like walking down a deserted street on a dark, misty morning – spine-chillingly beautiful. 

...Rarely when we’re down does the world offer us a hand up instead of a sharp kick to the ribs. But when Rome Navarro, a penniless kid with home issues, receives a scholarship to a prestigious school in his hometown, life is starting to look suspiciously hopeful. Little does he know, Vardel Academy houses an old, deeply guarded secret, and Redwood Bay is harboring mysteries of its own that are just as unsettling. Things become stranger still when he learns of a curse that his family is supposedly plagued by. A curse that involves the shy redhead he has his sights set on. Throw in a guy with an unhealthy fascination for him, and a love rival with cruel intentions, and you’re left with a recipe for both a devilish good time, and inevitably, disaster. 

Cursed Hearts is the perfect mix of romance and mystery, and the coming of age story you've all been waiting for. It’s a gritty, heartfelt tale with eerie undertones that will leave you breathless. In a world where magic lurks around every corner, the most magical thing may be the characters themselves. Venture into one of the greatest fantasy stories ever told, and come out the other side, forever changed.

Reviewer: Heidi
Rating: 5 Star Groupie Rating

Thoroughly enjoyed this one! I has a really detailed review but I condensed it, if you want the "rewrite of book" version *giggle* let me know :D

All in all this was an awesome read!  A few plots and twists along the way! 

At the end of it all its about 2 people who love each other, there's an old age curse looming  over them. They discover how to break the curse, they're willing to sacrifice themselves fir the other out of love!♥ Fortunately there's a 3rd part that steps in and does it for them (one of the twists)

Cursed Heart is about their journey, trials, temptations, tribulations, heartbreak and falling in love! 

It deals with many issues that people tend to shy away from such as abuse by a parent and or a person of authority, homosexuality. The author gave them a voice, she gave them courage to speak out! Thank you for that ♥

I found myself going through a kaleidoscope of emotions(no surprise there)I cried, I got angry, I screamed and I had ahhh moments! The injustices that some of these characters had to endure broke my heart and I had the urge to smash faces in! 

There is such innocent and pure love in this story and the desire to protect is overwhelming! Just beautiful to say the least! 

The last few sentences of the book puts it very nicely "Love transcends time. It has no beginning and no end.Like a story, what it does have is meaning"

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