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Promo and Reviews of Shattered and Restored by H D'Agostino

Book 1 in the Shattered Series

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Ever wonder what it’s like to have it all? Leah Carmichael didn’t. She had the world at her fingertips in the form of a dream. Everything thing she could ever want was in her grasp.

At what cost are you willing to have this life? Would you give up the life you have to pursue it? Your family? Friends? What about the one who holds your heart?

What if something comes along and takes it all away? Would you survive the devastation? What happens when you realize you gave up everything you had to have it all taken away in a moment? Will it leave you broken? Or will it shatter you?


4.5 Groupies Stars

I loved this book. I  discovered this author and this series, because she is signing at an author event I will be attending later in the year. I am so glad that I got to read it . I really enjoyed and connected with the two main characters. The story was very well written and you are hooked until the very end, I cold not put this book down! Speaking of the ending, it about Shattered me!!! There is a cliffhanger, but it is so worth it, because Nick and Leah's story is one you need to read.

Nick and Leah dated in high school and were in love, but a chance of a lifetime tears them apart. However an accident and a dream being shattered brings both of them back together again. Nick and Leah are great together. There is so much emotional and sexual chemistry between the two. But there are a lot of things, decisions,  and people who are trying to tear them apart. Can their relationship survive?

This was a quick read that sucks you in and doesn't let you go. I cant wait to continue there story and see how things work out. I would highly recommend this book.

Restored (Shattered #2)
 Title: Restored (Shattered #2) Author: H.D'Agostino
Source: Received ARC from author Release date: April 7, 2014

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If the person you loved betrayed you, could you forgive them?

When Leah refused to leave with him, Nick did the unthinkable…he ran into the arms of another woman. Hurt and confused, Leah turned to an old flame…Will Davis, a scout who she’d met in Atlanta.

When Will asks Leah to come to Wilmington with him on a scouting trip, she reluctantly agrees. After all…she never thought she’d see Nick again.

Nick, now a successful football coach for the University of Wilmington, lives in a beautiful beach front property. He spends his mornings running on the beach, and his afternoons at football practice. He never expected to see the one girl he couldn’t forget…here in his town.

Can a Shattered relationship ever be Restored?


4.5 Groupie Stars

If you loved the first book you are going to enjoy the second book even more. So much happened in this book and again I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. I already loved Leah and Nick, yes even after what he did, and yes he does redeem himself in my eyes, but fell even harder for them in this book. Both Nick and Leah have made mistakes in their relationship and the question is can they get past those mistakes and finally find their happily ever after.

I think what I love most about this author and this series is that she doesn't drag anything out. This happen and then are resolved rather quickly. Sometimes you read a book and think is this ever going to work out but that is definitively isn't  the case here. The only bad part is that there is another cliff hanger and this one is a big one!!! But you should still read this book because Nick and Leah s story is so great and rally pulls you in. One of my other favorite parts of this story are the side characters. I love Cam and Avery and really hope that we get more of each of their stories. Go one-click if you have read Shattered, if not make sure to read Shattered before Restored. I highly recommend both books!

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