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Tour for Perception by Nicole Edwards @NicoleEAuthor @MrColtEdwards

Title: Perception
Author: Nicole Edwards
Rating: 4
Reviewer: Rebecca

Xander and Mercedes both know firsthand what it feels like to be in total control.The question is... who really holds all of the power?
Xander Boone has never had a problem going after what he wants. In fact, he has built his life around doing just that. And he has a rather impressive track record. But Xander finds himself up against his biggest challenge yet. As fate would have it, Xander’s greatest desire is a woman who has always been off limits to him. One he wants more than his next breath. Nothing about her is easy, but then again, things that are worth it never are.  So, when the perfect opportunity presents itself, Xander knows it’s time to call in a favor.Mercedes Bryant believes there is only one way to do something. She also knows what Xander wants isn’t possible. But she‘s about to learn that you shouldn’t always believe what you think you see. And Xander is going to be the one to teach her that lesson.


This book was HOT with a capital H-O-T!!  I had always wondered about Xander when he was first introduced in the other books.  He had that mysterious side to him that made you want to know all his secrets and boy do I now!!
Xander and Mercedes have been friends for years but even though there is that underlying connect, neither have gone further but after a deal is proposed and agreed upon, everything changes.  Five days, Mercedes can handle being in Xander's presence for five days non stop and not fail at this deal, right...
Xander has sworn to himself that Mercedes will see it his way after five days of being his Sub if it kills him and it just might...
Nicole Edwards does it again!  She pushes the limits of erotica and comes out with wet panties and flogs on top!  Man, the things I learn from her through one of her books!  

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