Friday, April 4, 2014

Blog Tour for Facing Me (Shaft on Tour #2) by Cat Mason

Title: Facing Me (Shaft on Tour #2)
Author: Cat Mason
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: March 25
Tour Host: Dreams Come True Promotions
Rating: 3.5
Reviewer: Rebecca

“Everyone has a story my pages are just a lot darker than most.” 

Aiden Chesterfield needs control like he needs to breathe. It pushes back the dark past he tries to pretend doesn’t exist. Just as badly as he needs the structure that domination provides, he needs Camaron to be the one to submit to him. Though, when Aiden realizes how unworthy she feels of his love; he sends her away. Her insecurities anger him, but break him at the same time. Forcing him to come to the realization that her emotions are one thing he cannot control. 

Camaron Allen left everything to start her life over in Vegas with hopes of finding family. After losing the man she loves because of her insecurities she’s determined to become stronger. When a phone call from her best friend has her taking on a new career, she is forced to face more than herself. Shaft is hitting the big time and everyone wants a piece of the rockers’ pie; and some are willing to do anything to get it. Will Cam and Aiden be able to move beyond their fears and face the possibility of a future, together? Or will they forever fight their demons alone?

WOW!!!  I didn't think Cat Mason could make a book any hotter than Escaping Me, but I was SOOO wrong!!  Aiden and Cam blew my panties off!!
Aiden and Cam have history that isn't necessarily good but they have a deep connection that neither one can deny even when they try their hardest.  Cam moves away to try and start over but she can't get Aiden out of her head.  Aiden tries to forget her, he doesn't need her to feel fulfilled.
But after months apart they are thrown together and made to face their problems head on.  Aiden isn't sure he can get past what happened to him when he was younger and Cam isn't sure she can get past her insecurities and submit to Aiden.
This book was full of drama, heartache, and angst.  I couldn't put it down!  Even though it could be read as a stand alone, I would suggest reading Escaping Me because there are a lot of references from   that book.

Cat Mason is thirty years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, Amy Cox until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.

Facing Me - Shaft On Tour #2 (Coming March 25)

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