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Blog Tour for Silver Linings by E.J. Shortall


Amber Merchant had it all. Living with and engaged to her teenage sweetheart, nice house and job of her dreams. 

Not anymore.
Following a devastating revelation from her Fiancé, Amber finds herself single once again and vows to never entrust her heart and soul to another.
After a bad experience on a rare night out to celebrate her newly single life, a chance encounter with a tall, dark and handsome stranger leaves Amber’s head reeling.
Intrigued by her draw to him but scared for her heart she flees.
Twenty nine year old Craig Silver has been fighting demons of his own. Intent on a life of meaningless affairs and one night stands, he isn’t prepared for the overwhelming and immediate attraction, and desire to protect the striking blonde on the dance floor.
At first it seems the attraction is mutual… until she runs. Bewildered and frustrated Craig wonders if he will ever see her again.


Sometimes the roads to our future are paved with many trials. Will Amber take the right path and find the silver lining to the happiness she deserves?


“Are you alright, Pingu? You have a strange look on your face.” We are walking along the seafront towards the pier. It is a beautiful late May afternoon, and the sun is shining and glittering off the ripples cascading across the water. Gentle waves ebb and flow along the shoreline where children sit with their families building fortresses, and other unrecognisable structures, out of damp sand.

I stop walking and move around to stand in front of Craig, reaching my arms around his waist and snuggling into his chest. I take a deep breath in, inhaling his now familiar earthy scent mixed with the fresh smells of the sea air. “I’m perfect. This is perfect. Thank you.” 
“You are perfect. I’m glad you recognise that.” He smiles as he looks down into my eyes and wraps his own arms around me. He places a kiss on my forehead, leaving his lips attached to my skin. Why did I spend so many years wasting my life on a man that basically thought he owned me but had no interest in really being with me? I have missed out on so many days like this. 
Becki was right with what she said. I’m starting to see that everything does happen for a reason. Maybe I was meant to stay with David until now so that I could be right here, right now, with Craig. He really is my Silver Lining. He gives me hope and optimism for a brighter future, despite whatever issues he has going on at the moment.

We spend the next few hours strolling around town, looking in shops, chatting about anything and everything, and just enjoying being together. When my stomach suddenly growls rather loudly, letting me – and probably everyone else in Paignton – know that it’s time to eat, we grab some Fish and Chips and sit on the pier eating them. Craig wanted to take me into some fancy restaurant, but relented when I started ranting about not being able to come to the seaside and eat fish and chips out of the paper. “It’s a British tradition,” I argued.

With our stomachs full, we kick our shoes off and take a stroll along the sand. The beach is quieter now, the falling early evening temperatures driving families back to their hotels or wherever it is they came from.

“You’re a bit of a snob, do you know that?” I say to Craig as we walk along an almost deserted area of the beach. I’m walking backward, facing him and laughing.

“Oh yeah?” Craig quirks an eyebrow. “How’s that?”

“Only snobs would be snobbish about eating fish and chips and candy floss when they come to the seaside. These are staple Seaside requirements, Mr Silver, along with making sandcastles and… this...” I flick my foot in the shallow water and splash him.

“Oh, you’re in for it now,” he growls, staring into my eyes.

Shit, this isn’t good. He has a devilish look in his eyes that makes me want to jump on him and flee at the same time. I gulp when he flinches and as quickly as I can, turn on my heels and run away from him, squealing in laughter, running as fast as I can through the soft sand. 
I’m laughing and trying to catch my breath while evading Craig’s attempts to catch me. When I hit a large ditch in the sand, I stumble, giving Craig the perfect opportunity to lunge forward and grab me around the waist. The momentum from his attack causes me to lose my balance and we both crash down onto the sand.

Turning over quickly onto my back so I can swipe the sand away from my face, I look up to see Craig leaning over me. He is breathing heavy, his chest rising and falling sharply with each laboured inhale and exhale. We are both laughing uncontrollably, trying to catch our breath. My heart skips a beat looking up at him. He looks so young and carefree; a stark contrast to his usual cool, calm and controlled demeanour.

Our eyes lock onto each other and the laughter immediately ceases. We simply remain frozen in time, lost in each other’s gaze. I vaguely hear music in the distance, the song being carried along by the gentle sea breeze. The words from “What About Now” by Daughtry filter into my emotion filled haze.

“Craig, I...” I’m cut off by a pair of soft, warm lips pressing down on mine. He doesn’t try and deepen the kiss, just remains hovering over me with our lips locked.


Reviewer: Heidi
Rating 5 Stars!!

The cover is just beautiful I fell in love with it immediately! The acknowledgements are very special and I just know I'm in for a treat !! David and Amber have been together since they were 17 they survived university and the long distance relationship that goes with it . Eventually he proposes and all seems rosy until 2 weeks prior to the big day he tells her he can't go through with it !! WTH??? Amber moves on with her life into a new apartment and is determined to enjoy her new life but what she didn't bargain is Mr Sexy who comes to her aid while out clubbing with friends Becki and Scott, who by the way are friends with benefits but we need to keep an eye on these 2 there is definitely more to them!♡ Our delicious speciMAN always seems to be popping up . He's the guest speaker at the school she teaches at and after the lecture he asks her to dinner to discuss further options after a heated discussion and confession she finally relents and goes to dinner and ends up having an awesome time . Craig wants Amber and he wants her bad he even has a term of endearment for her "Pingu" I hope he explains it to us ♡ At this point of the book I'm loving the humour , the chemistry and the writing style I'll be honest and say this has reached my petsonal top 10 favourite reads ! ♡♡ David ,the dumbass that he is goes to Amber's place uninvited and when he sees her with Craig he makes the mistake of verbally attacking her! Well Becki and Craig let him have it and here's where Amber finds out that he didn't want to marry her because of another woman! Craig is there again to pick up the pieces! At long last we find out why he calls Amber "Pingu" it's based on a song from Christina Perri called "Penguin" and the words are are so beautiful and convey so much ! I downloaded it immediately ! Scott and Becki eventually have the conversation where they tell each other how they feel ♡ David decides to pay Amber a visit which turns rather violent when he tries to rape her fortunately Scott and Becki arrive to prevent what could have been a really traumatic event! David was never abusive but the signs were there with his jealousy ,isolating her etc! Amber doesn't want Craig to know what happened but after she avoids calls and texts he goes to see her and in a moment of passion he disvovers the bruising on her wrists after much begging and tears Amber tells him what happened , my heart aches for the both of them. Craig opens up at last about his past when he's in danger of loosing Amber , finally now ee also know ! Silver Linings is a ★★★★★ read with a well rounded and beautiful ending ! Thank you for an awesome read xx


About the Author:

EJ Shortall was born and raised in London, England where she currently still lives with her long

suffering partner and their son.

Having worked in education for the better part of 12 years, EJ decided a change was needed and

following a moment of inspiration one morning, she decided to put pen to paper and start writing her

first novel.

She has always enjoyed reading, but found it was mostly just a holiday extravagance, to while away

the hours whilst relaxing on the beach or by the pool. Then she discovered a certain worldwide best

seller, and that was it, she was hooked. She couldn’t devour books fast enough. The books on her

book shelves and reading device range from sweet, Young Adult romances, to smouldering, erotic


“I am on one amazing roller coaster ride at the moment, meeting new and wonderful people,

discovering new music gems to integrate into my stories, and learning so many new skills. I can’t wait

to see where this journey takes me.”

If you would like to join E.J. on her journey, please follow or contact her. She would love to hear

from you!

Silver Lining, EJ’s debut novel was released on 21st

 February 2014.

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