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Blog Tour for Ready For Love by D. Love


Author Penny Lane decides to team up with fellow author Kain Brooks because she believes the collaboration will bring something refreshing and new to her humdrum life. It is at first, but what she doesn't count on is developing feelings for a man that's hundreds of miles away while continuing to struggle with the death of her fiancé, Zack. 

The newly divorced Kain is excited about the partnership and happily realizes that it may lead to much more than just a book.
However, there is a threat! A stalker's evil intentions are far more serious than either of them can ever imagine-- so serious that they may not make it long enough to discover if their feelings are genuine or just a long-distanced crush.

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For a split second I see her before me, with me. Wrapped in the steam from the shower, and nothing else. With her hair slicked back from the water, trailing down her freckled shoulders, she whispers, “It’ll be okay.”
“Penny…” I say, reaching out for her, but finding only the hot water from the shower. Her silhouette is now gone, and I desperately want to see her again. Quickly, I towel myself off and throw on my favorite T-shirt and worn jeans. I run into the living room and open my laptop with a snap. While holding my breath, I click on the Skype icon, followed by the call button. Penny’s name flashes on the screen as I wait for her to answer.
“Please be home…” I whisper. Four rings later, my screen pops with the welcoming beep of a connecting call. A stranger’s face fills my screen.
“Well, isn't this a surprise!” The woman laughs.
“Umm…” I stumble over my words. Where is Penny? Who is this?
“If it isn’t the generous and talented Kain Brooks,” she teases. She winks at me, twirling a fork in her left hand. I am lost.
“Tina! What are you doing?” Penny squeals, sliding into view on my screen.
“Penny,” I say, a little too excited. She steals a quick and embarrassed glance my way before focusing on Tina again.
“Tina, I can handle this, thank you,” Penny snaps, playfully. Tina scrunches her nose, blushing too.
“Look, Penny…it’s Kain. And he’s got his shirt on this time!” Tina smiles. Penny gasps.
“Tina!” Penny calls out, pushing Tina off screen. “I can’t believe you said that.”
“He’s cute,” Tina says from outside my view. All I can see is Penny’s growing embarrassment. I find her flushed cheeks flattering, and a bit sexy.
“Sorry, Kain…” Penny says, finding my stare again. “That’s Tina, my best friend…umm…but you know that…” She is completely flustered now.
“Yeah, I remember you mentioning her once or twice,” I tease, softly. She pauses for a moment, collecting her thoughts. I wait for her to say something, enjoying the view on my computer screen.

Reviewer: Heidi
Rating: 5 Star Groupie Rating

I've got a bit of a thing for book covers and this one just sold itself! Loved the qoute " Always believe in your words."

Both Penny and Kain know if pain and heartache in their lives and that's why they connect so well ! Penny tells of their friendship they've formed on line and she says something that really hits the nail on the head " ... sometimes the greatest of friends can meet online "
I can feel a 5 star read coming up !

After Penny looses Zack to a car accident she sort of withdraws from life and love which concerns her best friend Tina who is always trying to get her out. Penny has a flashback of the fateful day that claimed Zack and it's really emotional so keep the kleenex handy ♥

Both Penny and Kain are authors , one of the many things they have in common ,and she wants to co author a book with him . Both parties are a little hesitant to a degree and it's not professionally but personal I think these 2 are fighting so hard to deny the feelings they have for one another ♥which becomes really obvious when they meet " face to face" via Skype! All they do is chat book I'm like WTH get to the two of you lol !

Sydney.....Kain's ex is a real nasty piece of work and this is one to jeep your eye I think ! Thank the stars above Kain is rid of her !

After an interview with a blogger who seems to have cottoned on to Penny and Kain and their online friendship they become "America's Sweethearts" of the literary world but I'm so on board !

Amanda , Kain's agent , is such a good friend and seeing the effect Penny has on him warms her heart
 and and she helps him secure tickets to one of his favourite bands as a gift for Penny♥ the band in question is IMAGINE DRAGONS! I'm so jealous right now ! He tells her to listen to a specific song abd tells her it will help her heal *real swoon moment* and it's one of my favourites ♥x♥

Finally , the night of the concert arrives ! Penny listens to the song Kain told her of and she feels its as if the song was written for her♥ at the end of the concert Penny goes to the cemetery to "chat" with Zack
  and it almost feels like I'm invading their ori acy and private moment but her visit ends with an emotional confession ♥

The time has come where both feel     comfortable enough and the need to share their stories with one  another and now its the beginning of something  beautiful ♥

This virtual relationship with all its flirting and chemistry is almost to much for me and I feel like "self combusting" with anticipation! 

Someone is stalking Penny and poor Kain is the suspect OMW! Fortunately the air is cleared and we see our sweethearts take their relationship to whole other level !

Did I mention Amanda is awesome! ? Well she's more than that ! Sadly I can't share why as it'll spoil it♥

Now the story takes a twist but it has a silver lining ♥ yet again I find myself unable to share for fear of spoilers ! 

Now I'm on edge of my seat and nerves are shattered ! Another twist in our tale and I'm left breathless at the end of it !

Ready for you is a ★★★★★read with a dash of delights we even have a gentle cliffhanger ♥ I'd love to know what happens next !



About the Authors:

 D. Love
Derinda lives in Maine. Her biggest passion is for her family and friends. She adores loving others as if it is the biggest gift life can offer. She is a read-a-holic, loves chocolate, cowboys and everyone on her Young Adult & Teen Readers Facebook page. Her dream is to travel to Australia one day.
"I am nothing but simple. I do a lot of volunteer work. I have 2 beautiful daughters. 4 grandchildren, that constantly ask me if I lived in the black & white days.
My inspiration would be my daughters. Rita for her strength to keep fighting and constantly try to take care of me. Even though sometimes she can't get out of the bed. Kayla, for helping pick up
all the pieces that seem to fall, when times get rough. And the love they have for me."
Madison Daniel

Music is LIFE and the written word is our SOUL. Music and writing have been my true ambition since I was a child. I have used music in every form possible; writing it, performing it, healing with it, etc. I call it my "life's soundtrack." I have always written in some form; from comic books to screenplays to short stories and now the new series "Ember." I have found a true passion for my stories and characters and am eager to share them with the world. See you on the next book tour...

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