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Review for 101 Nights Series by SE Reign

For fans of “50 Shades,” the “Crossfire” series and the “Song of Submission” series …

I’ve just been named the heir to the throne – if I can prove to my conservative father that I’ve given up my playboy lifestyle and settle down with a respectable woman. 

But why earn the love of a woman when I can buy it? Better yet – why not just blackmail the pretty girl who breaks into my penthouse? We both need something. I need a fiancée – preferably one I can control down to what socks she wears – for three months to satisfy my father’s edict. 

She needs to save her family from being evicted from the building I plan to knock down to make way for my new upscale mall. Three months as my loving, devoted fiancée in public – and my personal whore in private – is a small price for her to pay to save her family. 

What I’m not counting on: how possessive I quickly become of the blue-eyed vixen – and how quickly the press and world not only find out about her but rally behind a real life Cinderella. 

I’m tainted by his branding touch, the things he does to me in bed, the scent I can’t get out of my skin.

Before Elijah, I’d never been possessed by any man and I never wanted to be. But now, I’m starting to like how he’s become the center of my world and how thoroughly he reminds me that he owns me every chance he gets.

Circumstances force us to move up our faux engagement in a way that leaves me scared and faced with new challenges. I’m not ready to face the press again after what happened last time or to take my place publicly at his side. There are too many people, too many chances for someone to uncover what we’re doing …

Too many mysterious texts from a stranger who tells me I need to get out now and that he can help me by giving me real dirt on Elijah to free myself from being so wholly possessed. At first, I ignore them, hell bent on my personal mission and feeling Elijah’s touch one more time.

Just when I start to doubt Elijah is what everyone else claims him to be, he once again finds a way to surprise me. 

This time, it’s not with a sex toy or new position in bed. 

This time, it’s bad. I don’t know if I can go through with this after all.

As delicate as the first frost, as intense as the desert sun over my kingdom, our relationship is like a complicated tango. Every time we try to dance closer to one another, we find ourselves flung to opposite sides of the room, torn a part by distrust and secrets. 

That’s better, though, isn’t it? The last thing I need is someone like her cramping a life I’m comfortable with.

Why, then, does my world stop when Natalie threatens to walk out on me? Why do I want her to stay?

More importantly, why can’t we trust each other long enough to figure out what the hell we’re really doing here? It’s never been this hard before with anyone else.

We’re on a collision course with something neither of us can control, and I know when we hit the reality of what’s between us, someone’s going to get hurt.

Because I can’t lose my kingdom, even for her.

Rating: 5 Groupie Stars
Reviewer: Lorena

I want to start off by saying that I received a complimentary copy by the Author for an honest review.

I have to say that this series had me hooked BIG time! I absolutely loved this series. The sex was just so freaking hot and it made my underwear sizzle, that's how hot it was. I have to say that some books and/or series tend to get a bit boring after so much sex, but not in this series, that's for damn sure! I couldn't get enough of how these two characters were so in tune with each other.

This was a great written story that left me wanting more. I loved how EJ and Natalie just hooked up the moment they met and even though he was just a presumptuous jerk, Natalie is drawn by him. Natalie goes into EJ's home with the intent to try and stop him from tearing down the apartment building where she and her parents live. They are a poor family and barely survive with their earnings. EJ has given Natalie a proposition that she just can't refuse in order to not tear down the building.

Loved how the story just kept on unraveling as we get into book two. You really start getting into the characters and I so loved how SE Reign would have both POV's, I love when authors alternate POV's. I need to know what each one is thinking, it blows my mind when I read only one sided and then have to wait until another book comes out with the other character's POV. Any way, getting back to the book :) Natalie has accepted to follow through with the proposition that EJ has given her. They seem to have so much sex in this book that you sometimes wondered if they would do anything other than have sex, but again, the sex was just so mind blowing that it was enough to keep me entertained. Both EJ and Natalie have secrets and neither one wants to share them but they know they each have secrets of their own. EJ is very dominant and loves how Natalie has fallen so graciously as his submissive. Natalie is so drawn by EJ that whatever he is hiding seems to bother her but when he dominates her she totally forgets how bothered she is by his secrets. EJ needs to take control of the throne, but in order to take over he needs to marry and produce a heir for the throne. EJ has demons that doesn't allow him to be happy nor does he think he could be a kind person. He is damaged goods and because of that, he doesn't feel like he can bring a heir into this world.

EJ is starting to feel more for Natalie and wants to be with her for a longer period of time than he originally had requested. He has never felt for anyone what he is feeling for Natalie and he knows he's falling hard for Natalie. But before that happens, he feels like he needs to break things off before it's too late. Family members have died in car accidents, (how convenient that they die in car accidents, right!) So now EJ is fearing for Natalie that his father might get to her and do something to her and he also needs to act quickly on his secret before it gets discovered.

This series will keep you on your toes, you definitely want to find out what secret EJ is hiding from everyone. Only EJ and his loyal bodyguard know this big secret but it's soon to be discovered!

I can't express to you how much I highly recommend this series. If you are looking for a hot, steamy and sexy adult book, look no further, this is the one for you.

I definitely give this series 5 freaking stars!!

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