Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review for Madam Underground by Anne-Marie Jean

This is an Erotica Novel, with explicit language and detailed sex scenes. The characters are funny, loving very engaging and most of all sexy.18+ 

Evangelina lost the man who made her the woman she is today. Working hard to build a new life for herself, she goes off to Harvard to study business. Evangelina has a kinky side, and while in Boston, she regularly visits the city’s underground sex clubs. 
There she meets Philip, a male escort. They grow to be friends. He becomes her rock and her sexual release. When she leaves Harvard and Philip to return to Montreal, Evangelina starts a business, hiring men like Philip to work for her, and she becomes “Madam of the Underground.” 
She meets Tristan, the owner of a club, and they decide to work together. Everything she knows about keeping feelings out of the game changes. She is soon caught juggling all of her men, Tristan and Philip, who comes to Montreal to work for her.

Rating: 5 Groupie Stars
Reviewer: Heidi

Evangelina lost her mom at a very young age and her dad takes the loss badly. He changes and becomes cold ,as if he's just going through the motions. 

Frederick her uncle has always taken a keen interest in her life but over time he develops deeper feelings for her and eventually acts on them and she responds positively and a beautiful love affair develops between them♥[ NOW BEFORE YOU GO EEEW READ the story first before judging!]which sadly ends in his death by her father's hand and sees her father in prison. The only beautiful thing she had in her life is now tainted :'(
I understand the realtionship being questioned but they shared a love that doesn't often come around . Frederick taught her alot about life and yes he taught alot sexually as well ! Later in the book we're introduced to Philip but he had the best description of their relationship "Evangelina the heart doesn't choose whom it loves.Your love might have been unusual but it was real and definitely beautiful.You should feel no shame in it."

When Frederick died he left Evangelina everything and this sees her with more wealth than she actually knows what to do with but she remains grounded and finishes her studies at Harvard and works as an "employee" at one of the companies that she actually owns!

Evangelina is a very sexual being and goes to underground clubs where she meets Philip and they become best friends . Their relationship definitely adds a new meaning to "friends with benefits"  

Evangelina moves from Boston back to Montreal and into Frederick's penthouse where the staff/friends embrace her with open arms ,they all knew how much he loved her♥ 

Michele , the "boutique" owner knew Frederick well and she becomes really good friends with Evangelina and I think it helps that she knows their history. Evangelina and Michele come up with a business ide and Michele has contacts in the underground and introduces her to Tristan and the chemistry between these 2 is off the charts from the get go !

Evangelina tells Tristan of her proposal and he's keen and off she goes to source her first escort that will naturally be trained by her ! Naughty madam! Hunter , is the first and he's an inked god ! Lucky girl! 

Hunter moves into the penthouse and his training begins and its more than just sex  it's decorum, fashion, wine and yes ALOT of sex! I'm touched by this strange but special family consisting ,at this point ,of Liz , the housekeeper  who's maternal , Max the British driver , Hunter our escort in training and if course Evangelina , our madam! I think we can add Michele as well as she's there so often ♥

Eventhough Philip and Evangelina are close she hasn't shared Frederick with him and shes developing feelings for Tristan. She needs to talk with both of them and lay Frederick to rest and move on with her life.

After a double date , Tristan and Evangelina give into their chemistry and well I nearly self combusted! 

The story takes a bit of a twist wgen Philip decides to move to Montreal. The story takes on a very kinked twist ! Then our "Library" scene takes place ! This must be one of the most erotic scenes I've ever read and rather educational lol !

Our boy Tristan has a wife ! OMW !! It would seem he married her for citizenship (he's Australian) but this chick ,  Chloe is rather unstable and obsessed with Tristan and DOES NOT take kindly to the relationship and sends a rather scary and threatening parcel  to Evangelina and the story takes a bit of a twist .

By this time Evangelina has shared her love story and tragic past with the men in her life.Also it would serm that she's received a letter from the prison where her father is serving his sentence . She hasn't seen him in years and she has questions that only he knows the answers to. 

After yet another confrontation with Chloe, Evangelina is so pissed and in anger and frustration she opens the letter from the prison and is shocked by her findings !!! MAJOR CLIFFHANGER !!!

At times the sex scenes became a bit much for me but I'm still giving it ★★★★★ because of the story behind the kink. I'm looking forward to "Madam Unleashed"

I'd like to know what happens to Hunter. Does Michele eventually hook up with Max?What happens to Chloe? What about this love triangle between Tristan, Evangelina and Philip........I'd suggest a minage! I'm also very curious about her shocking discovery that was our cliffhanger! 

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