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Author Spotlight: SK Logsdon

S.K. Logsdon

 S.K Logsdon is the author of three series; Stricken Rock, Attraction, and The Circle of Blood. She writes erotic romance novels, full of steam, unpredictability and sass.
A stay at home mom for the past nine years. She enjoys her family, loves cake decorating and is an avid reader. 

"I've always had a passion for reading and the creative nature for writing. Being an only child growing up I spent hours living in my own world of imagination. Note books were filled with my thoughts and ideas and as an adult I have been lucky enough to turn those creative juices into a product for others to enjoy."

Which do you use in your writing Male POV, Female POV, or Dual POV? 
I Write in all Points of View and in First person--- But I prefer women's because I'm a woman and it's easier than having to attempt to take on a mans mind. It's not an easy task. Women use cutesy words and can be overly emotional but men can't. For instance a man wouldn't call something 'simply adorable'  unless he was gay.  

How would you describe your Books?
Sassy, full of hot sex-- But with a well developed and emotional story line. I don't want people to know what happens next. I want them to be sitting on the edge of their seat and yelling 'holy shit!' when the next part hits them smack dab in the forehead. No holds bared. And I write about a lot of taboo stuff. 

Which of your books was your favorite to write?
I loved writing them all. Some are harder than others. But my favorite was Artful Attractions so far. I love being able to create a world for a High Class escort who gets blindsided on a date. I loved the hotness of Alexis's job and how much fun it was to try to play her in my head. It makes becoming an escort of her caliper quite appealing. 

Do you have your family and friends read your book/s?
One friend has read them all from the very beginning and I always put a dedication in the front of my books because of her. She's been so amazing and supportive. And I've also met some amazing new friends along the way because of my writing. Tracy being one of them. She's been so helpful since we've met. 

Which Authors inspire you?
Michelle Valentine inspired me to write the Stricken Rock Series- It's developed into something different than I ever imagined. I love a lot of authors and they all inspire me in their own way. Little bits here or their that amaze me. I truly love each and every other for their own uniqueness and quality of style and writing. Not one is the same as the next. 

Where is your "place" to write?
My bed, hands down. I love that damn thing. The imprint my ass leaves will probably have me needing to buy a new bed by the end of the year. I love it because it's quiet and I have two huge full glass doors that overlook the tree lined backyard of my house and it's like I'm in a totally different world. 

Is there something you always have to have when you are writing?
My thesaurus. It helps keep the words in a book vast and not repetitive.  Plus, it's an easy and quick form of self teaching. Once you look the word 'look' up for instance. You come upon 20 different ideas to change it up with. Then you end up soaking in those extra vocab words into your system and you never have the need to go back and check that word out again.  Expanding ones writing vocabulary is so important. 

Either/Or Which Do You Prefe

To read or write I love them both. Writing a Stand alone I've not done. But I am going to do that this year. A series is great to write but hard if it's extensive because you want to keep the same personality and other characteristics of the characters without fudging it up. 

 Hum... Body or pubis? -- Bare pubis or nearly bare. But body I LOVE hairy men. Not gorillas at the zoo kind of hairy. But I think hair on a man's body is what makes a man a man. -- Hope that makes sense. 

Sweet/Kinky -- 
Kinky with sweetness mixed in to make a person more lovable. 

 Both seasons suck here in Ohio. To be honest probably winter because it's so beautiful when it snows. But I'm more of a spring and fall kinda gal. 

Chocolate hands down. 

 Both-- But more romance than comedy. Although I find I like to add bits of comedy to my books and I love to read it in others as well. 

Light Hair/Dark Hair
Dark hair for men or bald. I'm a sucker for bald men. 

I don't like Twitter and rarely use it so I'm gonna have to go with Facebook all the way.


Innocent, twenty-four year old Emily Bronwyn is thrown into the world of Rock N Roll. When her best friend Stacy calls upon her to help him co-manage Stricken’s, music tour. It doesn't take long for her to bump heads with the hottest rock star on the planet. Stricken’s lead singer Johnathan Striker who’s most famous for being a womanizing male whore. But what he doesn't realize is, he’s just met his match. When Emily refuses to tolerate his mouthy antics or bed him. Even though it’s hard to resist the charms of such a handsome and infuriating man. 
Returning home to Indiana during a short tour break, Emily gets shoved into a different life she never thought possible. Passion is the new driver in her life and her innocence is officially a thing of the past. What will she do now? But embrace the new cards she’s been dealt. 

Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual content, profanity and bisexuality. For audiences 18+(

After Emily places Johnathan in rehab. A discovery is unveiled throwing a disastrous curve ball her way. Emily’s world is turned upside down and the only people she can rely on are her friends. Rocker Johnathan, the man who claims to love her is pushing the limits. And just when she thinks life is coasting along peacefully, he breaks her heart once more. Will they ever get past this? 
Book Two: Stricken Rock Series (A Story based around Emily & Claire.) 
Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual content, profanity, bisexuality and lesbianism. For ages 18+
Next- Stricken Trust #3 of the Stricken Rock series.

It’s vacation time for Emily after all the anguish Johnathan’s dumped on her. Spending two weeks in the mountains of Colorado with James, Stacy and Kyle comes as a much needed relief. Until a deep dark secret is revealed, leading her down a path she’s most eager to follow. Once returning home to LA, Johnathan gives Emily an amazing present, can she accept what he’s offering? Or will the past few weeks of realization be enough to change her forever? 

Caution: The book contains heavy adult sexual content & profanity. For ages 18+

Spending weeks in the hospital, recovering from surgery, Emily’s awaiting the next chapter in her life. But when a tragic loss emerges, consuming her, life changes as she knows it. Can she overcome something of this magnitude? Or will she finally hit the breaking point, losing herself in the process?

Johnathan is confused, unable to decide what he wants or who he wants. When Emily’s pain becomes his own, it’s finally time for him to reflect on his life. What will he do? How will he provide for the one woman, who’s captured his heart from the moment he laid eyes upon her?

James has found the love of his life. But will their love finally be enough? Can it withstand the test of time? Or was it, like so many other things in life, only a brief glimpse of what true happiness feels like.

In this final Stricken Rock novel you will hear from three of your favorite characters and how they survive loss, love and unexpected circumstances. In the end, resolving what they've been fighting to achieve—true happiness or something that resembles it.

Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual content, profanity and BDSM. For ages 18+(

High-class New York Escort Alexis Monroe spends her nights attending events, and opening her legs for her rich clients. But when she gets booked on a strange double date with her roommate and coworker Becka, her world gets turned upside down. Brad her hunky date surprises her in more ways than she could ever imagine. Making her question everything she’s ever felt or known. Will Alexis give in to her emotions? Or stay the course? Will she really give up the money and her clients, for a man?
Caution: The book contains heavy adult sexual content, mild BDSM, profanity and bisexuality. For ages 18+
This is Book One of Attraction Series- Stay tuned for Book #2 Forever


After a recent life altering trauma, Nurse Annabelle Brighton is tossed head first into the world of the unknown when she suddenly awakens alone in a dark basement with her memories gone. Confused, she finds herself relying on Alexander a passionate vampire police officer who has sworn to protect her. Failing her, she is forced to survive yet another painful experience that leaves her lost and alone desperately searching for answers. Alexander with an open heart helps guide Annabelle on the emotional path of self-discovery. But when a visit from a world renowned doctor is thrown into her path she unexpectedly befriends him, changing their lives forever. 
Follow Annabelle on her journey full of love, passion, desire and a deep seeded mystery she is left to uncover. 
Book One: The Circle of Blood Series

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