Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog Tour for Dead Awakenings by Rebekah Ganiere

Title: Dead Awakenings
Author: Rebekah Ganiere
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance / New Adult
Publication Date: January 3, 2014
Rating: 3.5 Groupies Stars

Evaine, a struggling theater student in New York, enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay bills. She wakes in a Evaine, a struggling theater student in New York, enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay bills. She wakes in a derelict hospital, chained to a bed with no memory of who she is, or how she got there.

A band of pale skinned men, led by the gorgeous Luca, burst in, whisking her away to safety. Evaine's attraction to Luca is instantaneous, but he's so hell-bent on stopping the experimentations, he has no time for the feelings she's awakening within him.

At Haven House, Evaine is introduced to The Family and told that she, like all of them, have become a Deader. A reanimated Undead.

Evaine struggles not only to fit into her new world, but also with desires, cravings and powers she has never felt before. The connection between Luca and herself intensifies when suddenly she remembers not only who she is, but also her human fiancé, Tristan; who is still looking for her.

Torn between her first love and her new heart’s desire, Evaine runs back to Tristan putting everyone in danger. And when a rogue faction of Deaders, called Feeders, attempts to kidnap her, Luca suspects Evaine is the key to the experiments. Can everyone band together to keep Evaine off the cutting table of those she escaped from? Or will second death tear her away from Luca and Tristan forever?

I just want to state upfront that I personally am not fond of Zombies or the current Zombie craze. However I am always up for a good paranormal story Zombie filled or no. "Dead Awakenings" is a good example of an interesting and attention keeping story. The people do not become zombies in the way that has been described in the movies and they are not "normal" zombies.

Other than that I found the story to be interesting and  of course the main female lead "Evaine" becomes a special zombie and discovers a whole new community in the college town she lives in. It was not her choice to become a zombie and she has a hard time accepting her fate. In an unusual twist, she is torn between her lover Tristan when she was Human and her new love "Luca" when she becomes a Zombie and a lot of the story is taken up by this quandary and how it is resolved.
     "I love Tristan, but I love him in a secure, warm comfortable kind of way. And I love Luca, but Luca is like a burning in my veins. "

The truth behind the creation of the zombies came as a shock near the end of the story and caught me completely by surprise. It also makes you want to read the next book in the series to see what happens after the this story ends. For you Zombie lovers, romance lovers and action lovers this is the book for you. It has it all and then some. Definitely a good read for zombie and paranormal readers alike.

Rebekah's love for stories began as a child with Shel Silverstein poetry. She began writing her own poetry and short stories in junior high and high school. She then went on to study theater in college and ultimately ended up going back to writing. When she isn't spending time telling the stories of the characters constantly chattering inside her head, you can find her hanging out with her husband, four children and menagerie of pets. Rebekah is a member of Romance Writers of America as well as the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Chapter, her local Los Angeles chapter, Orange County chapter and Young Adult chapters.