Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Release Day Blitz for Into the Deep by T.A. Mckay

Title - Into The Deep
Author - T.a. McKay
Genre - New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date - March 18th 2014
Cover design: K23 Photography and Design


Life is never easy.

Makenzie Pierce knows this better than anyone.

After losing everything that was important to her, her fiancé, job and home, she is about to start her life all over again from nothing. One morning, a chance encounter seems to be changing her luck and at first it seems for the better … but is it?

Rocco Cole also knows only too well how hard life can be. After suffering a tragic accident, one which almost stole his life, his world imploded into a mess of both abuse and pain, leaving him nothing but a deeply broken man.
Vowing to never trust or ever love again, could it really be possible for him to let someone in after only one meeting? Can a simple encounter change everything he ever believed about himself?

Makenzie is drawn to the chemistry between herself and Rocco, but as he continues to pull away from her, without any reason, she has to decide whether he is worth fighting for. Is she the one woman that can make him believe that he is worth something to someone? And can she be that someone?
When she finally uncovers the truth, Mackenzie has to decide if she is the one who can help change the demons that live inside the man that she thinks she can so easily fall in love with.

Life is never easy, but sometimes the things you really want and need can be worth fighting for, even when you have to take a huge leap of faith and follow your heart, Into The Deep.

Excerpt one:

“Just waiting on some friends. They should be here any minute now.” I answer him as politely as I can before turning away from him. I’m really hoping that he’ll take my not so subtle hint and leave.
“Well, why don't I just sit right here and keep you company until they arrive?” I’m just about to answer him when I feel a warm hand lightly touching my shoulder. My skin prickles from the touch and I feel warmth spreading throughout my entire body. I instantly know who it is. Rocco.
“The lady already has company, so why don't you just go and sit somewhere else?” He’s practically growling at the guy. I can feel a pull in my stomach as he says the words and my breath begins to hitch. I lift my head to face him and see that he’s already staring the guy down. His gorgeous eyes are almost glowing with, well I’m not sure, but I’m glad I’m not the guy on the receiving end of his almost deathly glare. The guy mutters an apology under his breath and Rocco removes his hand before sitting beside me. I only just manage to control a moan of complaint that has already made its way halfway up my throat as he removes his hand.
“Now, I will give the guy some credit for noticing how beautiful you look tonight, but I think we’ll keep you company instead of him. Sorry we’re late.” I smile from his comment, feeling happy at the words he’s just spoken. I allow my gaze to drift over Rocco now that he’s right in front of me.

Excerpt two:
“Rocco, you’re making no sense whatsoever. I’m here on a date, so will you please let go of me so I can get back to him?”
“No.” Okay, I think I might actually start screaming soon, and I probably would have already if I wasn't making the most of the way Rocco's body is pressed up firmly against mine. The body contact I have with him now may never happen again, so I want to make the most of it and remember this moment.
“No? Oh my god, Rocco! What is wrong with you? I’m getting whiplash from all of your different mood swings. I get it, alright? You don't want me, so you think I’m not good enough for your friends either. Well, you’ll just have to get over it because I happen to like Josh, and I think that he likes me too.” I feel tears brimming in my eyes and try hard not to blink so they won't fall. The last thing I want to do is cry. He doesn't need to know how much he’s hurting me.
“Is that honestly what you think, Makenzie? You seriously think that I don't want you?”
“What the hell am I supposed to think? You invited me out for the night but the experience of dancing with me made you run away, and not only run, you disappeared for a week! You didn't even go to your training! You really must have been embarrassed about dancing with me if you felt you needed to leave your life because of it!” The frustration I’m feeling becomes evident in my voice and it takes a lot of control not to shout the words at him.
“Makenzie.’’ That’s the only word I hear before his lips crash onto mine. I freeze in place, losing all thought from my mind apart from the words ‘Oh my god’.

Author bio:

Following a lifelong passion for reading and writing, I am finally writing my first novel, Into The Deep. Wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three amazing and tiring kids. I have been married since 2002 to my best friend and he still makes me laugh….but yes I still want to strangle him sometimes! I am an avid reader, I think there is nothing better than getting curled up in my reading chair with my kindle. To give me a valid excuse for reading so much I also blog with Books, Coffee and Wine. My other passion is music, I have very varied tastes so one minute I can be listening to Hinder and the next I will be listening to Cyndi Lauper. I also love horror movies, the scarier the better…..I will read romance but I just can't do chick flicks!
I live in Scotland, in a small village in the middle of nowhere so reading lets me travel the world, the only way a mother can.  I would love to actually travel the world but I’m not the best at traveling. Flying scares me and boats are a no no…..so I don't go away very often.
I have so many friends who I have met on this amazing journey and they have helped me so much, keeping me right so I don't make any major mistakes and I truly love them for being there.

Author links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ta-Mckay-Author/1462902633937350
Twitter: @tracy1803

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