Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Release Day Promo for Hushed by Britni Hill

Title: Hushed 
Author: Britni Hill

Genre: New Adult

Blurb: When Tess meets step-brothers Blake and Jason, their differences and her past push her toward Jason even though she’s instantly drawn to Blake.  Tess quickly learns people aren’t always who they seem to be when her relationship with Jason ends. 

A spring break trip pushes Blake and Tess together leaving them unable to deny the way they feel for each other.  While they fall for one another Tess’ history with Jason leads them to try to keep their growing relationship a secret from their friends.  Sneaking around and hiding behind doors adds a certain spark, but they both feel the countdown ticking, leaving them wondering when it will all come out and what will happen. 

An angry Jason spills a secret from his and Blake’s past that makes Tess question how real her relationship with Blake was.  Secrets can ruin everything. 

Can the truth bring them back together?

Excerpt: Awareness shot through her body and a chill worked its way down her spine as a warm body leaned next to her. Lowering her glass, Tess frowned and tried to ignore the sensation as she stared ahead.
“Hey,” a deep voice rumbled from her left, causing her eyes to drift closed for a moment.  Without turning her head, Tess peered at the tall, dark, and handsome specimen next to her. Blake. A jolt ran through her when she took in his profile and Tess swallowed convulsively. Taking a deep breath did nothing to slow the energy buzzing through her.
“Hey,” she responded, forcing her eyes back in front of her. She hoped her tone was bored but, if she were honest, her voice was too high and a little breathy.
Up close Blake was gorgeous, and it was almost too much to resist.  He had dark stubble running along his jaw and his hair was shaggy, laying across his forehead messily. She could see a tattoo on his forearm. It looked like script of some sort, but Tess didn’t allow herself to stare too hard. Then there was the ring in his lip that drew her attention every time she let herself look at him.
               Blake shifted next to her and Tess felt the movement all the way to her toes. His arm brushed hers and her body hummed. Her eyes betrayed her, darting in his direction, meeting his look head on. Tess lifted her chin defiantly

Bio: Britni is the author of Tears in the Rubble and From the Rubble which were originally released by Rebel Ink Press in 2012. They have recently been combined and re-released as a second edition. Britni is a hairstylist and an admitted book addict. 

          Website: https://www.britnihillbooks.com
          Hushed on Goodreads:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20623199-hushed

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