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Review of Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler


He’ll slay her demons, but it may cost her heart…

Four years ago Tegan Ashton was attacked. Determined never to be a victim again, she devotes her life to martial arts and self-defense. When her assailant returns to finish what he started, only one person can help her.

Gabe is a private investigator by day and demon slayer by night. After losing loved ones, he vows to defend people from a threat they don’t realize exists.

The relationship is supposed to be strictly business, but fighting demons together stirs up emotions they never expected. Turns out demon slaying is a breeze compared to facing their scarred pasts and even worse - hearts


Well to start off with I was left in a puddle of drool ..... LOVE the cover !
My palm was itching to rub over that chiselled chest *blush*

First page and I fell in love ~ the reference to the Welsh Gaelic got my dragon blood pumping ! Being Welsh from descent I can proudly call myself a South African Welshman ♥
Tegan is viciously attacked her perpetrator was "kind" enough to leave her with a "souvenir" ,he never was caught and now she's got an eerie feeling that she's being watched *goose bumps*.

One night she sees a couple on the beach but its no romantic stroll , the man's burying  the woman ! She calls 911 , the police come to investigate and as fate would have it find nothing so  evidence there's no case but she's not about to give up and turns to Gabriel , a paranormal investigator to help her it also helps that he believes her ! 

I was all "hubba hubba" at " A tall man with broad shoulders" and "His voice was deep and a little hoarse"  im thinking I've got to find me a spook of my own so I can hire this delicious paranormal investigator ! Lol! Just got to love the escapism ♥

Gabe believes Tegan because hes a slayer and her "souvenir" is a mark from an attack she never should've survived ! An attack by a Hingo is almost always fatal . He's impressed to say the least but I think it's respect for her as a woman and as a survivor ! I think this Hingo demon has a plan with Tegan which is rather frightening prosoect ! ( at this point I'm squealing like a 2 year old)

Tegan and Gabe have their first "team" encounter with a drog and Tegan can keep her wits she's no damsel , damn  girl you kick butt !

One's just got to appreciate that during all this demon slaying there's time for tonsil hockey and more *naughty giggle*

Being plagued by nightmares ,spells and hexes ,being stalked by minions
and one obsessed demon makes for scary reading! Glad Tegan has dradon blood pumping in her veins☆

There's also a gentle dark twist ,for lack of a better word .This is the story of  2 wounded souls ,dark times &healing . Beautifully and Frightfully Possessed in a nutshell ♥


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Wow! Goodreads just asked me for my city of birth and date of death... What if I could answer that? Would I live life differently if I knew for sure how much longer I had left?

Interesting thought.

That's generally how my writer brain works. I've been dreaming up stories since I was in elementary school. My first book was titled "The Wonders of Unicorn Creek" and my publisher was Dehesa elementary school.

Since then, I've published numerous short stories in anthologies and magazines. My story, "Immortal Beloved" was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award and was recently re-released in the "Dead Souls" anthology, along with a follow-up never-before-published story, "Subito Piano".

My debut novel, Night Walker, was released in 2012 and won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-SciFi-Horror. Night Walker also won the Romance Through the Ages in the Best Paranormal and Best First Book categories.

Since then, Night Thief and Night Demon have been released. The final book, Night Child will be released in March of 2014.

In the meantime,I have a new series beginning in July 2013 with Moonlight, Book 1 in the Moon Series.

I also post news and short stories on my Blog, so feel free to stop by for a read.

Paranormal tales are my favorite and I tend toward the dark side. Join me? :)

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