Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cover Reveal for Privileged by H. D'Agostino

Erika King grew up living a charmed life. As the only child of Matthew King, a multi-million dollar real estate developer, she had everything she could ever want. Groomed by her parents to be one of New York’s elite, she was sent to the best schools, dressed in the best clothes, and pressured to succeed at everything… including marrying well.

Josh Taylor came from the small coastal town of New Port, a place where the rich vacationed. He grew up in a single parent home, worked to put himself through school, and came from the wrong side of town. Being around the wealthy set him on edge, and caused him to retreat into himself…until he met her.

When Erika met Josh on the beach one morning, her world went from black and white to color almost instantly. The boy who hid so much of himself cracked her wide open, and the two fell fast and hard for one another. But nothing is perfect…

When Erika’s parents met Josh they made sure he would not be a part of their daughter’s life, and made him do the unthinkable… break things off and disappear from her world.

Five years later when Erika runs into Josh it all comes rushing back, but…she engaged to another man. When their eyes meet…five years of hurt comes rising to the surface and a desire for one another that had been suppressed for far too long nearly takes their breath away.

Can Josh admit that he’s always loved her, and her parents were his reason for leaving? Can Erika put aside the life she’s always had for a life with her one true love?

Find out in Privileged

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