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Release Launch for Cut Too Deep by KJ Bell


A woman traumatized by her past, beaten, battered, and unwilling to trust.

A man held captive by his greatest failure, lost, and self-destructive.

Letters that unexpectedly bind them together.

Is their bond strong enough to survive each other?

As a web of deceit is revealed, will they be able to determine what’s real, and what’s worth fighting for? Or will they crumble under the weight of secrets that cut too deep?

Can Miller forgive himself and move beyond his fear of failing the one he loves? 

Can Hadley accept the love she desperately wants but doesn’t believe she deserves?



Reviewer: Marlena
Rating: 3.5 Groupie Stars

n this book we meet Miller and Hadley. Both have come from very different backgrounds yet find themselves drawn to each other for unknown reasons, which we do find out later. Hadley had a horrible background and was bounced around through foster care her whole life and is learning to overcome her fears. Miller rose from his families stigma and made something of himself while remaining close to his family.

"He waited, considering if he should pull the lamb into the elevator and commit sin with her. It was an enticing idea."

So when I first started book I thought it was just going to be another insta-love story. I was so happy to see it was so much more. There were reasons these two were drawn to each other which we find out later in the book and it cleared up some things. I loved the way they finally came together. It wasn't the traditional meet up in a bar/she becomes his assistant/they get thrown together at a company party sort of courtship. That part to me was the most exciting part of the book. And it wasn't even instant. Miller actually had to earn Hadley's trust and considering what she has been through, makes it so realistic for me. I also enjoyed how Miller showed other sides to himself during the book. He wasn't just this big dominant alpha male. He truly wanted to help Hadley get over her past even if it meant losing her. The mystery kept you wanting more and needing to know what exactly happened in Hadley's youth.

"Love that runs its course can easily be let go of. Guilt; however, wraps around your conscience and constricts until it takes every last breath you have."

So, while there were many things I did enjoy about the book, there were some I did not. While I understand it was an ARC, there were a lot of errors and it was very distracting in the story. Again, an ARC so hopefully those were corrected before it was published. Another thing was, there was almost too much going on. Once one thing would be cleared up, another drama ensued. It almost got to the point where it was drug out for me and getting a bit ridiculous. I just wanted it to be tied up and end happily ever after with a pretty bow. Lastly, Hadley was sort of wishy-washy to me. One minute she was so strong, the next she was weak. It went on through the whole book. I just wanted her to grow a backbone and go for it, which she did, eventually. Overall, I  enjoyed the book. The writing style was really unique. I am not sure how to explain it exactly but it jumped from first person to second person to one persons POV to the others. I really liked it though as it gave us glimpses of the other's thoughts throughout the book. If you like romantic suspense, this book may be just for you.

​​Here is the link for the Book Trailer as well

Dear Ms. Walker,
I know exactly who you are. You’re the beautiful and intriguing young woman who shakes like a leaf when I get near you, but watches me with heated intensity every morning when I arrive to work as though you would like to undress me.
I’m pleased to learn the little voice in your head won out and you decided to mail your letter. Perhaps with distance between us, I won’t intimidate you, and we can get to know each other properly. I would very much like to know more about you.
I am receiving many letters, but let me put your mind at ease. I’m not opening any of them. I’m not interested in words from strangers that are obviously looking for ten tiny minutes of fame. Yours, however, spiked my curiosity. I wasn’t sure if it was the same Hadley Walker that brightens my mornings until I smelled the delicate perfume on the outside of the envelope, and knew with certainty it was you.
You would like to know what I miss the most about home. I’m a man. Your answer, Ms. Walker, is sex. I’m accustomed to having a woman in my bed. There are no women here, and it’s lonely.  Would you be willing to keep me company? Fucking through words can be very erotic. Chances are, you squirmed in your seat, shocked by what I’ve written. Your panties are wet, and you’re reading the above sentence over again. Perhaps you’re cursing me, but it won’t stop you from reading on. You said you’re drawn to me, and I am rather enamored with you as well. There is nothing for you to be “curious” about. It’s purely sexual attraction that draws you to me and me to you. I’ve wanted to have you since the first time I saw you watching me. The other morning when your big doe eyes peered up at me, and you knew I’d caught you, I wanted to drag you into the elevator and fuck you until you screamed my name so loud, the entire building heard you. I’ve thought about nothing else since. I saw in your eyes that you wanted me to make you come right there in the building lobby. I’m hard thinking about it.
What do you say, Ms. Walker, would you care to have letter sex with me? When I’m free of this shit hole, I promise to deliver the real thing, and then you can determine if I’m still mesmerizing.
Miller Genetti


K J Bell currently lives in California with her husband and three children. As a mother of three, when she’s not writing, she’s usually carting one of her children to their various activities. 

She enjoys reading, and music, and is equally addicted to both.

Writing is a passion she simply can’t live without.

She loves hearing from her readers and can be found on various social media sites.

Stay connected with KJ BELL:

Twitter: @ authorkjbell

Instagram: kjbell_author



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