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Author Spotlight: Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones

I am a born and raised Essex girl now living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne Australia, I moved here with my husband and three sons in 2006. Not only do I love to write but I also love to read and can devour a book overnight if the story grabs me.
I love watching my sons play football and am very partial to a glass of wine, a nicely chilled Marlborough Sav Blanc being my favorite.

Which do you use in your writing Male POV, Female POV, or Dual POV?
Female, although in Resolution I included an extended chapter from Gabes POV

How would you describe your Books?
Emotional, realistic, hot, intense, funny, sexy

Which of your books was your favorite to write?
Resolution I think

Do you have your family and friends read your book/s?
Yep, only the women though, because of the genre

Which Authors inspire you?.
 I'm a big fan of the classics, I love Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte but I also love more modern writers, Sylvain Reynard is a favorite, I just love his style of writing, as well as Jodi Malpas, Katy Evans 

Where is your "place" to write?
 I have a room at the front of the house, away from the family room, I have a fire in there and it's nice and cosy in winter.

Is there something you always have to have when you are writing?

 Either/Or Which Do You Prefer 

Don't mind either but I don't like waiting too long for a follow up book, especially if there's a cliff hanger

I like a some hair

Bit of both

Summer, that's why I moved from the UK to Australia, I don't mind a little winter but not for any extended period of time.

 I'm actually not a fan of ice cream, I'd rather save room for another glass of wine :)

Bit of both

Light Hair/Dark Hair
Not fussy, I like both, I don't even mind no hair... Does that make me greedy?

 Big fan of both, I love interacting with my readers


Title: Saviour (Book 1 of The Saviour Series)
Author: Lesley Jones
Publication Date: May 16, 2013


 Lauren has decided her marriage is over, but has yet to tell Jay, her abusive husband of the past twenty five years. On a night out with girlfriends, she has a few drinks and musters the courage to shamefully come clean over the abuse she has suffered over the years.
Gabriel joins his brothers for a friday night drink at a local bar, thirty five, good looking and single after a very brief, failed marriage, all he is ever on the lookout for is a hook up....Even names aren't important to him...Straight sex, no complications.
Watch as their worlds collide, neither of them prepared for the effect each will have on the other. The chemistry is instant and overwhelming and has the possibility to destroy them but will the mind blowing sex be enough to keep them together and overcome each of their pasts?
Their story is sometimes harrowing and heartbreaking and touches on subjects all too often avoided. Don't expect a hearts and flowers romance read, although that is there too, along with some very funny moments

He smiles at me, not a big smile, just a small smile, his head slightly tilted to the side but it's not the smile, it's his eyes but not just his eyes, it's just him. My hand goes up and touches my hair. Really? Classic flirting move. Could I be any more obvious? My cheeks are burning; in fact, my whole body is on fire, embarrassment, alcohol, menopause, desire? I haven't had sex in well over a month and I must admit, it has been on my brain constantly this past week or so, there is only so much pleasure a girl can get from a kinky romance novel and  BOB. It's intimacy I crave, a kiss, a cuddle, skin on skin.
I realise this is all running through my brain as I stare blankly at him, Gabe, Gabriel Wilde, even his name is just, sex, everything about him is sex, everything about him is just, well whatever it is, it's obviously affected my ability to think straight, or is that the vodka?
-Lesley Jones Saviour


Title: Resolution (Book 2 of The Saviour Series)
Author: Lesley Jones
Publication Date: October 4, 2013

Resolution picks up exactly where Saviour left us all hanging! Having left an abusive marriage at 45, Lauren can hardly believe that she has found Gabe, a 35 year old blonde buff sex god, their instant chemistry has convinced him that that he wants to change his serial shagging ways and to make what they have found permanent, he knows that he loves Lauren but relationships are a whole new concept to him and he doesn't always get it right.
Lauren, still reeling from the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her ex husband is not convinced that jumping straight into another marriage is the right thing for her, despite how much she loves Gabe, the sex is amazing, they have no problems there, with Gabe she is growing in confidence and trying things in the bedroom (and every where else) that she never even considered during her marriage but they have known each other for just 10 short weeks and already they have been through enough drama to last a lifetime. Lauren has once again been beaten and humiliated by her soon to be ex-Husband, Gabe has revealed he was sexually abused by his Step-Mother as a teenager, and Gabe’s ex is threatening to stop him seeing his daughter.
Will Lauren listen to taunts from jealous exes and her own self doubt; or will the love (and lust) Lauren has found in Gabe’s arms be enough for her to let go of her painful past to build a future with Gabe. Resolution is the conclusion of Gabe and Laurens story, it will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, with some steamy and erotic sex scenes, just to keep your pulse racing, like Saviour, some scenes are gut wrenching, it will have you laughing, crying and wanting to not only hug Gabe and Lauren but also wanting to shake some sense into them. Buckle up and enjoy the ride

Please get the fuck out and stay away from me, please, please. My heart can't take anymore, please just go Gabe.
My voice falters on the very last plea, I don't cry tears but my voice ends on a sob.
I look across at Jo pleadingly but she's already worked out that I need him gone. "Go Gabe, now please"
"Jo, no, please, we need to talk about this, go, go out on your date, leave us here, we'll be right"
I shake my head at Jo, I can't be alone with him, I don't trust myself, I will cave, I know I will.
"Please Gabe, I don't want any trouble, Just go" Jo orders him calmly.
He looks at me, his eyes are glistening with tears; both his hands are pulling at his own hair. He has no shirt on, just jeans and bare feet. I can see the muscles in his arms, chest and abs all clench and tighten as he pulls at his hair and I fight with myself not to reach out to him.
"I love you Lauren. I would leave my daughter fatherless and die for you, never forget that"
That kills me, If it were possible for my heart to break anymore today, then that just did it. He has tears on his cheeks and I know he is as broken as I am, he walks towards the door without saying another word, Jo follows him as I sink to my knees.
-Lesley Jones Resolution

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