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Blog Tour of Where Words Fail by Katheryn Kiden

Title: Where Words Fail
Author: Katheryn Kiden
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: January 5, 2014 
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Rating: 4 Groupie Stars

Abby Irons has it all together.She has a life everyone envies. She’s the frontman for the band Thirty Ought Six and co-owns Ironsound Records with her twin brother Alex. A girl with the world at her feet so young must be happy.
Except everything is tainted by a past that won't stop coming up. A present that is falling apart everywhere but onstage, and a future that shes not so sure about.
Deceased parents, a sick brother, a six year old niece with no mother and a band and business to keep going while everything is falling apart.
When her lead guitarist Derek admits himself into rehab for a drug problem will his replacement cause more problems than he fixes?
Jameson Williams lost the love of his life because of an addict father.He won't keep a woman around for more than a night because of it and hasn't had much of a life since he got out of the Marines. His older brother pushes him audition for a temporary guitar position for a major band and make something out of himself. When he gets it he’s more than excited...Until he reaches the tour bus and meets the band.
Will his past bite him and ruin any chance of a future?
Money,fame,love and life are all up in the air.

Abby swiveled around from her usual perch on the backwards chair at the counter to see who walked by. “Oh, Izzy I can’t believe I haven’t introduced you guys. Jameson come here. This Izzy, is Jameson. He’s the new guitar player. Jameson, this is my niece Izzy.”

“Hey Izzy… It’s nice to meet you.” I’ve heard this girl talk before. She’s usually sweet and talkative.

“Do you do drugs?” Whoa... Never expected that from a six year old.

“Izzy!” Both Abby and Alex scolded [KK1] her.

“No, it’s ok guys.” I turned my attention back to the screen. “No, Izzy. I do not do drugs?”

“Good... Because drugs are bad and don’t think for one second I wouldn’t make you go right where Uncle Derek is.”

“Well I certainly hope you would. I don’t like drugs or what they do to people.” Abby smiled beside me as I said my goodbyes to Izzy and started to walk away, but Abby grabbed my arm and told me she wanted me to meet Alex too. My stomach dropped. My hands started to sweat, and my heart was racing a mile a minute. I knew. I knew something bad was going to happen.

I should have run away. Run away and not look back.

"Home was where Abby was. Anywhere else would now just feel like hell."
"Have you ever had your hear and soul ripped out, stomped on, cut into pieces and then handed back to you?"

OH MY GOD!!  This book broke my heart, pieced it back together, and then broke it into a million pieces again!  I'm still picking up chunks of my heart and trying to glue it back together!

When you first meet Abby, she is a quiet, introverted girl, who is picked on horribly in school and has been kicked out of more schools than she would like to admit for fights.  She has a mouth like a truck driver and a body of a Sprite.  She has suffered the loss of her parents and has a twin brother that she loves more than anything in world.  The second she meets Jameson, the anger in her dissipates inside her and feelings she has never felt erupt in her heart.

"Her red hair caught my attention first but when I asked her if she was alright, she looked at me.  Those emerald eyes held me captive.  They pulled so strong that I swore she could see into my soul."

Jameson is a troubled teenager from a broken and battered home.  He has dealt with a lot things a seventeen year-old shouldn't have too.  From the moment he sees Abby, his world comes to a halt and  making her happy is his only reason to exist.  

"I shouldn't have kissed her.  I wish I had known when I did that she would become the most important person in my life.  That, from that moment on, every spare second I had would be spent with her.  That I would give her everything I had and love her with everything in me.  Until one day my entire world became so fucked up, I lost myself because I lost her."

He kept his sordid life away from her and that was the biggest mistake he could have ever made...

"She would see that I was a bad person and that no one would want anything to do with me because I was broken."

Fast forward nine years.  Abby is now a huge singing star in a rock band and has more baggage on her back than a hiker.  She has been devastated and beat by men in her life and only trusts her twin brother and the few people she has allowed around her.  She hasn't seen or heard from Jameson since he walked out her life nine years ago and life has not gone well for Abby since.  
 Jameson's life hasn't been much better and hasn't stopped loving Abby since the day he had to walk away.  He has always wanted to find her and tell her why he left like he did.  Well, he gets his opportunity unexpectedly when he tries out for a temporary position as a guitar player for a band.  He's never seen the band but has heard some of their music and is hand picked by their guitar player to fill in for him.

"So I'll just sit her with Jameson, pretending he doesn't matter, and pretending that it won't kill me when he walks away.  But that's all it will be.  Pretend."

Abby fights so hard to keep Jameson out of her heart and at time is too stubborn for her own good!  Thank god for her brother and life interventions to make her see what was always right in front of her!!  Abby and Jameson's relationship is filled with love, misunderstanding, hurt, anger, angst, and emotions that I can't even put into words!  So since my "words have failed" me, everyone should just read this book!!  I cried, screamed at both Abby and Jameson, wanted to fight for Abby when she needed someone to have her back, and genuinely felt heart break for the both of them throughout this book.  A must read for all!!!

"I promised you I wouldn't leave you."
"Everyone leaves.  It's fine.  I'll be fine."
"She healed every piece of me that was still broken.  She was my reason to breathe."

Katheryn Kiden was born in Boothbay Harbor Maine in 1989 and raised in Newcastle. She was raised with four brothers. Katheryn graduated when she was sixteen and has been writing since she was young. When she isn’t attached to a keyboard you can usually find her with her two younger brothers, friends, or with a camera in her hand.

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