Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blog Tour of Fifty First Times: A New Adult Anthology by Various Authors

Fifty First Times synopsis:
You always remember your first time...
Whether it's the couple who decides not to go through with it, the two boys who finally aren't ashamed, the newlyweds whose wedding night could very well be their last night together, the deaf pair who have no choice but to take body language to a new level--or, of course, the two young lovers fumbling and laughing, getting everything wrong. These are the memories that will never fade.

Join nineteen fantastic authors as they pull back the curtain and give you a peek inside that one intense moment in their characters' lives when everything changes and nothing will ever be the same again.

Featuring stories from some of the hottest names in New Adult, Young Adult, and Romance including New York Times Bestselling authors J.Lynn/Jennifer Armentrout, Molly McAdams, Sophie Jordan, and Carrie Ryan.

NOTE: These stories are works of fiction. If you want to know about our first times, you'll have to buy us a pet monkey first.


I loved that there were so many excellent authors all in one book and it's only $1.99!  You can't beat 50 stories for that price!!! Since there are fifty stories in this book, it is nice that I can pick a few of my favorite authors to read and then come back at a later time and read more!!  The author spectrum in this anthology was amazing! You get a little bit of everything in this book from Paranormal to YA to New Adult.  I got the chance to read books by authors that I might not have normally read.  This book definitely opened my eyes to other authors and added a few more to my favorites list!!

I also loved reading about all the little firsts in each book.  First kiss, first boyfriend, first love, even first bite..haha!  This is a great book that everyone should get and read!!!

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  1. Fifty First Times just got added to my TBR list. Thank you!