Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review for Impulses by V.L. Brock

“The day we first met, you said, ‘Before we begin’. Well, that was the beginning…it was the beginning of us.”

After a disastrous end to a far less than perfect relationship, twenty-four year old, Samantha Kennedy has traveled the path of promiscuity in order to strive for affirmation of her desirability. Unknown to her, Samantha’s beliefs of the world of men, is about to chart a new course when she begins a new position at reputable law-firm, Wentworth and Associates, and sets her eyes on her boss, San Francisco’s tall, dark and handsome, renowned lawyer, Hayden Wentworth.

After suffering the aftermath of his first love and having his heartbroken, thirty-one year old, Hayden Wentworth has lived the past year in black and white. Haunted by demons as a result of the torment he has endured, Hayden’s bleak world is about to be revived by his attractive new secretary and sexual predator, Samantha Kennedy.

Emotions that the pair long ago abandoned to save themselves any further heartache are unearthed, but should love ever be considered as a game of Russian roulette?
If they are to come together, Samantha and Hayden must relive their pasts in order to bury them for once and for all.

But what happens when you fall deeply and desperately in love with someone who has the traits of the one person who you strive every day to hate and resent?

Reviewer: Heidi
Rating: 5 Groupie Stars

Meet Samantha Kennedy ! She's not innocent nor naive! Samantha is wild and wants to prove she's desirable and sought after ! I think she's become this way due to the volatile relationship she was in , which has now ended . I think she walked away feeling very bitter , cynical and with almost no self confidence :(

She starts her new job as a secretary to Hayden Wentworth at Wentworth and Associates . Hayden is tall ,dark ,handsome and there's a haunting broodiness to his persona which is a magnet for Samantha. This sounds like a recipe for disaster , 2 crushed , sad ,haunted souls.....I'm holding my breath for some intense moments !

Impulses sees 2 peolpe who are scared but desperate for love but I think they need to heal themselves before they'll be happy.

Impusles started off a little slow but be careful it peaks and you do not want to miss the ride ! There's no turning back now! Impulses bring home again how important forgiveness is for the healing process. At times it was a full on "snot fest" for me , the story was so real,so raw and filled with anguish ,heartache and pain but there's also passion,lust and love.♥

Congratulations to V.L. Brock on a lengthy and impressive ★★★★★ read and it's a debut !!!! My only word of advice is keep the kleenex within reach and have lots of chocolate fir comfort feeding ;)

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for writing, I suppose that's what happens when you are raised in a very creative family. 
I wavered many times throughout the years on which career path I should take, but the one thing that always remained the same, was my need, and my want to write. But I didnt think anything of it, I would start and then give up. But as I grew, the motivational words of people that I loved and lost began to ring loud and clear in my head. So I gave it a shot...
and it was one of the best things to happen to me, and something I will never regret doing.

I'm a firm believer in starting each and every day with a motivational quote and a strong coffee. Look down the path you wish to travel and see the end result, believe in the end result, because it's possible. The only thing standing between you and your dreams, is yourself.

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