Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review for Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

Bold Tricks
Karina Halle
Series: The Artist Trilogy Book 3
Rating: 4.5 Groupie Stars

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With more lives at stake and games in motion, Ellie, Camden and Javier form an uneasy alliance that will take them from the treacherous streets of inner-city Mexico to the wilds of the Honduran jungles in order to find their freedom. But with liberty just on the horizon, the cost might come at their own redemption.


Explosions. shoot-outs, and love triangles oh my! This book was bittersweet for me. I wanted to know how the story would end, but now that its over I'm sad we will not have anymore Ellie, Camden, and even Javier. I love, love, loved this series. I have been patiently waiting for the conclusion to Ellie, Camden, and Javier's story. I needed to see who Ellie would end up and what would happen to the man she did not choose. Karina Halle did not disappoint with this final book in the Sins & Needles series. This series strays a little from what I usually read, but sometimes you need a little suspense and action mixed in with your romance. It was a very welcome change. The entire book is filled with action. Every time you think the characters are going to get a break and a little taste of calm, BOOM (both literally and figuratively) another road block. I kept thinking oh no that did not just happen!

The story starts off where book two left off. Ellie, Camden, and Javier in a jeep trying to out run Travis's men. 

"On one side of me was Camden McQueen, on the other was Javier Bernal. One more light then dark, one more dark than light. Both for had loved me, and both of them i underestimated."

They successfully get away, but Travis and his men are very persistent. There are many more run ins with them throughout the book. Javier is set on revenge and Ellie is set on saving Gus and her mother from Travis, Javier uses this to his advantage and offers to help Ellie and Camden find Travis. We meet Javier's sister Violetta, Javier wants to ensure she is safe and that Zetas will not be able to get to her like they did to his sister Beatrice. She is very likeable and has a spit-fire personality, her and Ellie get along very well ( their mutual issues with Javier seem to connect them). We also learn a lot about Javier in this book and the fact that things we learned about him in the past were not the truth. Javier main focus is getting to the top and exacting revenge on Travis and nothing and no one will get in his way. I was already Team Camden, but I fell even more in love with him as the book went on. Ellie hurt him by being with Javier again, but the question is can he love her enough to get past that. 

“I fucking need you and I need you to forgive me. I need that more than anything in the world! I need you to make me good.”

“I don't want to love you, Ellie, but I do love you. I can't stop myself. I've been try to since the moment I saw you with him. You broke me, you broke my fucking heart. You broke me into so many pieces that I didn't think I could find myself again. And I'm so damn scared, I'm scared just like you. You've always been my love, Ellie Watt, since the very beginning. Since the moment I saw your face, your beautiful, young face on that hot, dry day in Palm Valley. You were water for my soul, even in high school. You made me feel like I had another half, someone else who understood what it was like to be unwanted.”  
Who will Ellie choose in the end her first love Javier, the man wants to make her his Queen, or will she choose Camden, the one who sees the good in her, and if she does choose him will her choose her? Are Gus and her mother still alive and if they are can Ellie save them? All of these questions and so much more is answered, thru all of the twist and turns of Bold Tricks. It was so much more then I expected and so many details and information was revealed throughout the book. 


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