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Review of Char by Mercy Amare

Mercy Amare
Rating: 4 Groupie Stars


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I’m Charlotte York, but you can call me Char.
My life is perfect. Except for the fact that my older sister is posing naked for Playboy. And my mom wants me to be just like her. Oh, and I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. But other than that, it’s definitely perfect... Until the paparazzi publishes a picture of me smoking weed.

Now I am being forced to move to NYC with my dad. Too bad I hate New York.
At least there is Tristan Becker. He makes NY better. But he won’t date me because he thinks my best friend is in love with me. Which is absolutely not true... Or at least I don't think it is.

As you can see my life is just... perfect.

 My Review:
 I won this on a giveaway on the author's Facebook page. I am so glad I entered because I loved this book! I cannot wait to read more by her. I liked how the book is written almost like a journal, where each chapter is a date and time. The book took me back to high school, dating, and wondering if I would ever find that ONE guy. 

"Yeah yeah I get it. I'm seventeen. I'm too young to think about forever. But I can't help it. I want to dream about true love. I want to find that one special guy who I will spend the rest of my life with."

The main character of the book is Charlotte "Char" York. She is just about to be a senior in high school. She is not sure what she wants to do with her life, but she knows that she wants to go to college and DOES NOT want to be in the spotlight like her sisters. I really liked Char, for being 17, almost 18, she seemed very mature for her age but still had some of those carefree teenager qualities about her. She come from money but isn't a snob. Being in my mid 20s I felt like I could still relate to her, and even though the main characters are in high school/college the book still appeals to an more mature audience.

And that leaves me. Charlotte York. But everyone calls me Char. I am the rebel child. The black sheep of the family. Whatever else you want to call me. I hate the spotlight, and I avoid it at all cost...

We start the book learning about the main character's friends and family. Her mother Caroline is a former soap opera actress and current manager of both her older sisters, Chloe and Candice. Chloe is a 24 year old actress in Drama Queen, a high school drama. Candice(Candi), is 19 and the star of Shores of Malibu, a reality TV show, and soon to be Playboy centerfold. Char, her mother, and sisters all live together in Malibu.  Her father Robert York lives in New York, he is a high profile divorce attorney. Char rarely sees her father, except for dinner every three months. There is definitely some family drama. Her mother wants her to follow in her sisters footsteps and either become a model or actress. Her oldest sister Candi has a sex tape leak out and Char slips to the media how she really feels about Candi's actions, causing a fight and hurt feelings between the two sisters. Char realizes that family is important and tries to mend all of her relationships with each of them.

 " I really could try harder when it comes to my family. I bet if I put in an effort, so would they.
So that will be my goal- to repair my relationship with my sisters and mom...And maybe work on having a better relationship with my dad too." 

Char has a best friend Aaron, who is in love with her, but Char is oblivious to the fact. I loved Char and Aaron's friendship and at first I was rooting for her to end up with Aaron. But the feelings aren't mutual, and they are better off as friends. I really do not think that Aaron was truly in love with Char, but because they were so close he assumed that they should end up together. I really hope Aaron gets his own book ( I can even see him with Candi).  Char gets caught smoking weed with Aaron by the paparazzi and is forced to move to New York City with her father. She thinks she is going to hate it here that is until she meets Tristan. He's hot, sweet, and rich. There is instant attraction between the two but the relationship starts off slow, which was nice that they didn't just jump into things. 

"I'm actually sort of happy he's making me wait, not that I would ever admit it to him. He's right. The wait makes it more suspenseful. it had given us time to get to know one another, and from what I see, I definitely like Tristan a lot, I might more than like him, but that's a thought for another day."

I loved Char and Tristan together. They both helped each other to be better people, than they were in the past. Almost every character in the book goes through some sort of growth. I really liked that it wasn't just the main character showing growth and change,  I am hoping that some of these characters each gets there own books! I read this book in one sitting, could NOT put it down. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who like YA or NA reads. My only issue with the book was there were a few times a chapter ended and then when the next chapter began events were skipped and information was left out. 

The ending line was:

This is my little piece of perfect paradise, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Just the beginning.

So I am hoping we get more ( if you couldn't tell) !!!



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