Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sinners at the Altar!!!!! Coming Fall of 2013

Sinners at the Altar
Olivia Cunning
Sinners on Tour Book 6

We love the Sinners and CANNNOT wait for this to come out. This series is in both of our top series. Olivia is one of those authors that is a pre-order, read it the minute the book comes out, and drop everything in your life until you are done.

Nicole's Fav sinner: Jace and Aggie from Hot Ticket
Rebecca's fav Sinner: Brian and Mryna from Backstage Pass AND Trey, Reagan, and Ethan from Double Time

This anthology will include the wedding day stories of all five Sinners told in their points of view. It will also include the Aruba honeymoon of the couple who started it all, Brian and Myrna.
The ebook version of Sinners at the Altar will have some added special features, such as never before released deleted scenes from the original books. Don't miss it!

Will include these 6 novellas:

1. Appetite for Seduction
“Running parallel with the events of Rock HardAppetite for Seduction, shows the story of Brian Sinclair and Myrna Evan’s wedding day in Las Vegas from their point of view. Their wedding night festivities are interrupted by Trey’s little accident.”

2. Take Me to Paradise
“Brian and Myrna have been married for almost a year when they are finally able to have a real honeymoon in the Bahamas.Take Me to Paradise is set at the end of Hot Ticket, when the band is unable to tour because of the tragic happenings in Canada.”

3. Sweet Love of Mine
“Directly following the book Wicked BeatSweet Love of Mine, is the courthouse wedding of Eric Sticks and Rebekah Blake followed by their wedding night. Aww, isn’t Eric sweet?

4. Patience
“After months of planning, Sed and Jessica’s big day almost ends in disaster. Can the rest of the band save the day, before Jessica becomes a bridezilla? Patience is set several months afterDouble Time.”

5. November Pain
“Jace and Aggie decide to tie the knot. Is anything they do conventional? Yeah, probably not. This one takes place near the end of the Exodus End series– a year after Double Time. But I PROMISE not to include Exodus End spoilers.”

6. Choose Your Illusion
“This is Reagan and Trey’s epilogue. It occurs well after the Exodus End series is completely finished, so more than two years after Double Time. It’s going to be really tough not to include Exodus End spoilers in this one, but I can do it. Right? *deep breath*”

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