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Review of Everything for Us by M. Leighton

Everything for Us
M. Leighton
The Bad Boys Series Book 3
Rating: 4.5 Groupie Stars


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*This book is part of a series and it is recommended that the other books be read first.


Olivia Townsend’s wealthy cousin Marissa had everything a girl could ask for—a great job, a privileged life, and all the friends she wanted. Or, at least, all the friends money could buy. But one case of mistaken identity has turned her privileged world upside down.

An abduction gone wrong lands her right in the lap of the sexiest, most dangerous man she’s ever met. To Marissa, he’s an enigma, but one to whom she’s irresistibly, inexplicably drawn.

With him comes a new world of freedom and passion, of dark shadows and dangerous secrets, a world where nothing is what it seems—except for the blind passion that Marissa can’t escape—or
maybe even survive.

My Review: 

Team Cash, um I mean Team Nash, ugh I can't decide!!! So I'm just going to choose TEAM DAVENPORT. This was the PERFECT ending to the series. All loose ends are tied up and all lingering questions are answered. This series shocked me, infuriated me, made me laugh, made me cry, and made me fall in love not once but twice. 

In Everything for Us, we FINALLY get Nash's story. We learn so much about him and what he has been through. Nash has been living in exile for the last seven years. After his mother's murder and his presumed death, his father tells him to disappear and gets him in contact with an old friend, Dmitry. While Nash is gone he is forced to do a lot of illegal acts in order to survive. He live has taken a path he never imagined her would be on. The new Nash is rough, angry, and fueled by revenge. 
Then there is Marissa. When we last left Marissa, she had been kidnapped and then rescued by Nash and Cash. Her kidnapping made her reevaluate her life and who she is and who she wants to be. 
"I've been the ultimate party favor since I was able to "preform". A whore. Not always for money and not always using sex, but a whore."
I did not like Marissa in the previous books, but she grew on me and by the end of this book my entire opinion of her changed. She grows A LOT in this book. She realizes the those in her life were toxic, especially her father. She stands up to her father and starts making her own choices to make herself happy, not to please others. The change isn't easy, and she doubts that she can change. However, withe the support and others belief in her she does. 
"Blaze your own trail in life. Make your own choices and make your own mistakes. Its the only way you'll find your own happiness not someone else's."

There is an instant connection between Cash and Marissa. They are both needing to forget about life and to find an escape. 
"The need to devour something to loose myself in something overwhelms everything else and I dive in. To her."
The sex, Oh the sex, is HOT. I was definitely fanning myself after reading a few of the scenes. Nash is dirty, aggressive, and a skilled lover. He brings out a side of Marissa she never knew existed, or so she thought.
"He wasn't holding anything back. He wasn't pretending to be anyone or anything. He was just Nash. Raw, angry, sexual Nash, taking what he wanted and needed. And he took it from me."
Nash warns Marissa to not get involved emotionally and has to constantly remind himself not to either. They both feel more then a sexual connection, but both feel they are broken and not good enough for each other. They fight what is between them for far too long. They both finally realize they are meant for each other and complete each. They were both broken but together they are whole. 
"Ill be whatever you need me to be, whoever you need me to be.I'm not perfect, but Ill be perfect for you. Just give me a chance."

"You everything I didn't know I needed, but everything I always knew I wanted."
There is also resolution and revenge concerning their mother's murder and their father's framing. Nash and Cash become closer, so do Marissa and Olivia. We also get peeks of Cash and Olivia throughout the book. There is a wedding and lots of HEAs. I'm also hoping for a love connection between Ginger and Gavin, maybe a spin-ff or a novella! This series had me hooked form the first book, and I'm so happy and satisfied with the outcome. I can't wait for what the author bring us next.

About the Author:
I was born and raised in the United States, and I’ve lived in several of the fabulous fifty. Though I currently live in the deep South, I spent much of my childhood up North and hope to return there one day. A few other things about me: I believe that sometimes you have to look really, REALLY hard to find the good in people, but it's there. I believe that I'm shrinking (I swear five years ago I was two inches taller). I believe my husband is quite possibly one of the most amazing men in the entire world (I can't be sure because I haven't met all of them). I believe coffee and chocolate, when combined, could be the basis for world peace. I believe that Jesus rocks and communism doesn’t. I believe that white makes me look fat and black collects lint. I believe summer's too hot, winter's too cold and fall was made for football. I like dogs better than cats and the first movie in a trilogy is invariably the best. But most of all, I believe that love conquers all.

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