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No Turning Back Blog Tour-Review


No Turning Back
Casey Peeler
Series: Full Circle Book 1
Genre: YA/NA
Release Date: September 25, 2013
Rating: 4 Groupie Stars

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After getting involved with Dylan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley decides to stay close to home for college. It’s just safer that way. Later, she realizes it’s a mistake, just like dating Dylan. She decides to put the past behind her and leave the small hick town of Grassy Pond. There is only one problem; she makes this decision three weeks before the fall semester begins.

Charley packs up her Honda and heads to Southern College. On the morning she’s about to leave, Cash walks back into her life. He has been her best friend since they were four and is the only one who knows the REAL Charley. She leaves her farm in Grassy Pond with all kinds of “what if” questions.

Charley decides to live her college career to the fullest. She finds a great group of friends, joins the swim team, and meets a guy named Joe. He’s got eyes that make ya wanna melt!

At college, she encounters a new problem. Charley has been away from home for only forty-eight hours before she breaks the two promises she made to herself. Will she be able to overcome her past? Find new love? What will happen with Cash now that he is back in her life? Will she find what she is wanting in Jackalope Joe? How will her first semester of college end? Joe, Cash, or alone?


“Hey, let’s hit the dance floor.” I take Caroline’s arm while the rest of the Kluft girls

follow us, and we hit the make shift dance floor in the living room. They are playing

Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm.” It’s old, but I love the beat. We hit the middle of the floor

and start swaying our hips to the music. We giggle like school girls as we notice the guys

in the room taking note. A few others join us, Crystal and Lucas included.

“If they’re watchin’, let’s show them how we Southern girls have a good time,” I say to


“You got it!”

We add just a little more emphasis to our hips and start dancing with each other. Before I

know it, the song is over, and we walk back to the kitchen to grab another drink.

“Caroline, I’m so glad Crystal got me to come with y’all tonight. I’m not big on

partying, but it looks like I might have to change that thought if we have this much fun!”

“Girl, anytime! I can tell already that Georgia and us are gonna be tight because we are a

lot alike. Only thing is she’s super quiet. We are from ‘round here. Most of the students

here are Yankees. Not that it’s a bad thing. They just piss me off when they make us

seem stupid by the way we talk. I mean they chose to come to school here.”

“I understand you completely! But aren’t those Yankees too damn cute? I love me a

country boy, but I might have to widen my horizons.”

I’m about to pour myself another round when I hear the sexiest voice known to women. I

look up and there is Jackalope Joe. If his voice does that to me, I can only imagine what

will happen if those perfect lips touch mine.

“Let me get that for you.”

“Thanks, Joe? Joe is your name, right?” Play dumb Charley.

“Yeah, and you’re Cougar Charley.” We both laugh.

“You know all I want to call you is Jackalope Joe,” I say with a half smile.

I think I might fall out looking into those make ya wanna melt, piercing blue eyes. Keep

it together, Charley. I’ve gotta keep in control. Good lookin’ or not, guys are like a bad

habit I can’t break. The last time I got involved with someone that could make panties

drop by just lookin’ at me almost ended my life. I have to stay in control, no matter what

my emotions are screaming at me.

“Miss Cougar, ya wanna try out the dance floor?” Joe smirks. This is not good.

“Sure, see if ya can keep up.” I smile.

Okay first off I really really want to try a Choice Cherry Gold and go dancing at Hanks Tavern after reading this book. 

Second I need more. I need the next book in the series. I need to know what is going to happen!!! That book was so good and so different from what I'm used to reading. I love finding new authors and cannot wait to read more of her work in the future. The main character is Charley and with how the story is written the author does a great job of allowing us into Charley's head. I felt like I was going through and feeling everything Charley did. 

In the beginning of the book Charley is dating Dylan a fellow swimmer and well known bad boy. He is arrogant and thinks he is untouchable. That relationship ends, although under horrible circumstances. I couldn't stand Dylan, and I really hope he gets what he deserves. 


Charley's best friend is Cash Money who she also dates right after Dylan. ( This is my one issue in the book I felt like the author just skimmed over their relationship. I was confused at the beginning and didn't fully realized they dated. All of a sudden Charley was telling Cash that she needed to concentrate on herself and they were taking a break). Charley and Cash have known each other most of their lives. They have so much in common and can be themselves around each other. In my opinion they are perfect for each other. I am definitely Team Cash Money! 

Cash, he is so hot and who doesn't love a protective country boy!

I am so glad Charley decided to go away to school. She needed to get away and learn more about herself after all she has already been through. She has a great group of friends at school. So many different personalities coming together and fitting together like a puzzle. She meets Joe at Southern, and I was really cheering for him, but then I started to feel the just friend-zone between the two. I was so glad about this cause I don't know how I would have been able to choose between Cash and Joe! 

So I'm reading and am getting ready for the girls to have a great trip before break and then....
Ahhh I can't believe that ending!!!!! I NEED to know what is going to happen. I CANNOT wait until we get more of Charley and her gang. 
I would definitely recommend this book.



Casey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.

After reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston her senior year of high school and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.

Casey is an avid reader, blogger (Hardcover Therapy,) and now author. No Turning Back (Full Circle #1) is her debut novel releasing September 30th. Finding Charley (Full Circle #2) will release spring 2014.
Her goal is to one day be an author who is recognized nationwide like Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, Tiffany King, and Amanda Bennett.

When Casey isn’t reading, you can find her listening to country music, spending the day at the lake, being a wife and dance mom, and spending time with friends and family.

Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!


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