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Review and Blog Tour for Stripped and Without You by Brooklyn Skye

Title: Stripped
Author: Brooklyn Skye
Rating: 4 Groupie Stars

Stripped( a novel)
College freshman Quinn Montgomery will do anything to avoid the mistake her sister made-killing herself over a boy.  But when she is forced into nude modeling at a local college to support her family after bankruptcy, she begins to crack, must enough to let Torrin, the university's top varsity oarsman, see that the real Quinn is not as feisty and unapproachable as she wants everyone to think.  But letting someone in comes at a steep cost and, it turns out, Torrin is connected to Quinn's family in more ways than she could ever imagine.

Without You (a novella)
She was broken when I met her, shattered from the death of her sister and running from love.  Not to sound like an egotistical douche or anything, but I fixed her.  Put her back together, filled in the cracks and made her whole.  A true fairytale in her eyes.

But now life is getting in the way: school, jobs, and the unexpected opportunity to travel the world under a legendary photographer.  The internship will open doors not even my father's influences could. It's something I've been waiting all m life fore.  But so is Quinn, and accepting this internship will mean leaving her.
And breaking her all over again.

"Call it what you want.  It doesn't matter, cause you won't let any one in.  You're like a package that refuses to be opened, a lockbox with no key."

"Mom had't told me losing my only sister would be like losing a part of me, the part which made me feel like everything in life would be ok."

Where is Torrin when I need him?!!  HOT rower..OVER HERE please!!  

Quinn is a young woman beat down by the semantics of a good life gone bad.  She has been dealt a hard, rough hand the in the last year.  Her sister killed herself over a boy and she was Quinn's rock, the one person she could always go to when she needed advice or help.

"Zoe's death didn't just happen to her.  It happened to all of us, affecting every one around her."

She has put her self in an emotionless box and doesn't allow anyone near enough to open it or look inside.  She hides behind a boyfriend she doesn't even like so other guys will not bother with her and she won't have to worry about "liking" someone.  Her father also lost his job and his was their only income so to stay at her college she must try to make money by being a naked model for an art class at a nearby community college.  Her father losing his job was a huge deal and made the news over a year ago when he "helped" a non student play on one of his college's sports teams.  Quinn blames the kid and his family that were good friends with her dad and tries to find him to confront him about what he did to her family. There she meets Torrin.

Torrin is your typical, good looking, awesome body, great personality hunk!  But Torrin also has his own problems.  He is suspended from his rowing team for an "undisclosed" reason and meets Quinn outside the art building in typical Quinn "Hand-off" fashion.

"I'd be better if you didn't practice your body-slamming skills on innocent victims." -Quinn

The two start an unlikely friendship with Quinn being rude and oftentimes hateful towards Torrin.  But Torrin being the "savior" that he is, keeps trying to win her over. and get Quinn to trust him.  It takes some time and a boating incident for Quinn to see his ways, but he wins!  Even though both have issues to work out that have changed the shape of who they are, maybe, just maybe, they can be molded into shapes that fit together to complete a puzzle.

"Torrin quit trying to swoop in and save me.  I don't need saving."
"You'll thank me one day for saving you," he says from behind me.  "I've already been saved."

Who knew a finally letting your guard down would entail you also falling in love with the one person you unknowingly also hate the most!  Poor Quinn keeps getting dealt crap!!  When she finally allows someone into her heart, it gets smashed in the worst possible way!!  Betrayal is not even a good enough word!!  Can Quinn and Torrin work through it and have their happily ever afar that they deserve?  

"You're wanted, I just didn't know if I was."


Without You is from Torrin's point of view but continues from where Stripped left off.  

Torrin and Quinn are in a serious relationship and have worked through most of her insecurities and are going strong.  Torrin gets some great news, but it isn't something that Quinn is going to like.  He doesn't want to tell her and risk rocking the boat with her or putting her back in the bad head space she was in when he met her.   The opportunity that has been presented is amazing for Torrin and furthering his dreams.  But he can't help but wonder if leaving for this opportunity would mean the end of him and Quinn and he can't imagine life without her anymore.

I loved seeing into the future of Quinn and Torrin.  Even though it has only been a few months, the emotion and love for each other just LEAPS from the pages of this short novella.  Torrin is the epitome of a man who wants to make sure that the love of his life is happy.  He considers this opportunity long and hard before making his decision, worried that his decision would push Quinn away.  
But even a decision that is not consider good at the moment can change with time and just maybe true love will prevail after all.

Brooklyn Skye grew up in a small town where she quickly realized writing was an escape from the small town life.  Really, she's just your average awkward girl who's obsessed with words.  Stripped is her debut novel.

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